Jet Lag Cure

This is the big question: How to Jet Lag Cure?

Travelers everywhere search endlessly for a jet lag cure. Because no one wants to have their vacation ruined by temporary insomnia, fatigue, irritability, or the impaired ability to concentrate.

But the brain becomes confused and disoriented as it tries to adapt to a new time zone, a new sleeping pattern, and new eating patterns.

Recently, a group of over 225 flight attendants completed survey forms on their travel experiences. This group consisted of professionals with considerable experience of inter-continental flying. So one would think that they should have all the jet lag obstacles figured out. But 96% of those surveyed, report they still experience the effects of jet lag on long flights.

To get more specific on their results, the following responses were also given from this survey. 90% still experienced tiredness five days after flight arrival. Over 50% felt disoriented, 73% were dehydrated, and almost 95% had a lack of energy and motivation.

Even though flight attendants are quite active on the plane, over 30% still report swelling of their limbs after a flight. 70% had ear, nose or throat problems, as well as colds or the flu. And a total of 93% admitted to broken sleep patterns after their arrival.

One would think that someone who flies for a living would have found a jet lag cure by now. But instead of a jet lag cure, they should really be looking for ways to avoid jet lag all together. Here are just a few things a person can do to avoid jet lag. Avoid caffeine, drink plenty of water, eat healthy meals, get as much exercise as possible, do not take sleeping pills, and stay away from alcohol before, during, and a day after your flight.

You should also consider looking into one of the safe and effective remedies on the market today to help you avoid jet lag. I have found a very simple and effective product to use while traveling. Just a few drops to the back of my throat, or in my favorite drink, daily has made all the difference in the world for me, and allows me to now enjoy my vacation the second I get off the plane.